Granite Countertops for Aurora Homes Bring Beauty and Durability to Your Kitchen

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Nothing Says Success like Granite Countertops in Your Aurora Home

Natural stone is incomparable. For counters, backsplashes and flooring, it has a prestige and utility that few other materials can match. Granite countertops in Aurora, for example, have the durability to stand up to moisture, abuse from cleaners and personal care products, as well as all the daily wear and tear that a busy family inflicts on them. Not only is granite aesthetically pleasing, but it is nearly impervious to heat, stains, chipping and scratching.
Granite countertops are popular as bathroom vanities, but it's in the kitchen where they really excel. The stone provides a bacteria-resistant surface, and is easily cleaned. Daily and weekly maintenance with warm water and a light, non-abrasive soap will retain the stone's natural sheen, as well as clean it.
But the prestige of granite comes from more than its durability. No slab of granite can be replicated. Each piece is one of a kind. Those who own granite countertops often find themselves gazing in fascination at the designs of their stone – unique striations of colour that pick up accents in a room's décor. In fact, agents often note it is the granite features in a kitchen that are the most-remarked upon selling point of the house they've just shown to a prospective buyer. So – consider granite's effect on your home's resale value!

Make a ‘Design Splash' with Your Granite Backsplash

A backsplash is the protective trim along the back wall of the kitchen counter and it is here that granite can really let loose your creative instincts! Some people install backsplashes only behind the stove top. Others extend the granite tiles along the entire counter wall. There are a variety of ways you can really create something striking to enhance your kitchen:
  • Small tiles in variations of a strong colour add pizzazz to a light-colored kitchen.
  • Create your own stone mosaic using granite tiles of different colours to make a geometric or random pattern.
  • If you are looking for a modern look, go simple, with a granite backsplash in a neutral shade complementing your appliances.
  • Bold-patterned granite backsplashes can animate an entire room.
  • Think also about the quality of natural light you receive in the room. Granite has endless variations of colour and sparkle built into it that natural lighting picks up.
  • Remember: the backsplash is at eye level. When you are sitting at your kitchen table and looking about, it is the element that you will see first. Don't make it an afterthought. When designing your kitchen's look, incorporate the backsplash right from the start in the design.

Granite Suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Toronto, with its huge and competitive building industry, is one of the world's hotspots for stone. There is a wealth of distributors who can supply your granite countertops in Aurora. Find an established distributor – preferably a family run company - that clearly specializes in granite. How big a selection of granite is the distributor carrying? What kind of follow up can they offer – from installation to cleaning? Can they show you some of their work and provide references?